Inglese Quiz 3

15 domande

Winter in Russia is very ______ .
Only one word INCORRECTLY completes this sentence. Which one? I’m _______ to hear that you are still enjoying your job.
____ saw him go out.
____nice is this old harbour !
Choose the correct question for this answer: She's a film director.
Yesterday I ____ to go to the hospital.
Choose the best verb to complete this sentence: Traditional philosophy has ____ a great deal about man's existential condition.
By chance, if you _____ some money left, buy me a bottle of perfume.
Choose the best verb form to complete this sentence: Cheese _______ from milk.
These books and ______ are French.
I have talked _____ about this business.
He’s ____ to miss the train.
She ____ ____ for him.
The other tourists _____ gone to the coffee shop.
Only one of these sentences is INCORRECT: Which one?
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