Inglese Quiz 2

15 domande

By order of ____ town council, no ____ are allowed here.
We have parked our car _____ the house.
Which of the following sentences is NOT correct?
I don’t know ____ actor.
We _____ your applications _____ the end of February.
My house is big, ______ is small.
The ____ you are wearing ____ dirty.
Prices ____ by 2,5 % ____.
Choose the best way to complete the following: Cover letters generally have a standard structure. This includes an opening paragraph ____ you explain why you are writing and a second paragraph with a description of your experience and accomplishments.
Yesterday the shop assistant ____ four ____.
Choose the best phrase to complete this sentence: It was recently reported that the Home Secretary was advocating fines for ___ in political elections, just as in Austria, Greece or Belgium.
Choose the best word to complete this sentence: Do you have _______ Swiss francs?
Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following: Ian McEwan is a British writer. ____ from Hampshire.
______ office is in charge ______ marketing.
_____ the information _____ asked for.
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