Inglese Quiz 1

15 domande

It is ____ to stay
Choose the best phrase to complete this information from a holiday website: The Comfort Hotel, Patong: Closed from 26 December 2004 until ____.
____ one of these books is the best ?
Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate word: I have worked for this company ___________ many years.
I thought he _____ at home.
He was talking and I ______ him.
The author ______ we talk about is American.
Only one of these sentences is correct. Which one?
The station is on the ______ side of the road.
What is the best translation of attualmente in this sentence? Attualmente lavora nell’ufficio per lo sviluppo del turismo.
She ____ very much ____ her father.
I ____ now.
Choose the best word to complete this question: Where ____ you born?
If they _____ me the _____, I'll accept it.
He ____ his car ____ year.
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